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Glass Blunt

Ultimate relaxation! Do you have stress? Or do you just really like smoking? With the twisty glass blunt. Mini edition deluxe twisty blunt you are assured of a fantastic relaxing experience when using it.
Stun all your friends! Get all the attention of your friends when showing off the stunning brand new design of the mini twisty glassblunt: Twisty glass blunt is made out of quartz and gives you the opportunity to smoke with a hookah formed mouth piece! Your friends will love it!
Enjoy clean taste! When was the last time you experienced clean smoking? Using the mini twisty glass blunt you can always enjoy the clean taste! Just brush it after usage and light it up over and over again!
No papers anymore! Tired of going to the store when you running out of papers? You’re not alone! Using the Mini Twisty Glass Blunt: Gold Edition Deluxe you will never need to do this again, just pack the quality quartz pipe with up to 0.75 grams and light it!

Great Brush for cleaning the pipe after usage
Thick German engineered Quartz Premium quality screw, just twist it to easy pack your pipe
Unique infini-cherry which keeps the blunt lit, no need to light it over and over again.

Enjoy it with your friends! Take the Twisty Blunt Deluxe with you in the traveling box case to make sure it won’t break. Stun your friends with the unique design and share the smoking experience! Just fill it up with 0.75 grams so you can all enjoy it.

Size: 2.6 x 1.2 x 1 inches
Weight: 3 ounces

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